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Anna Penido
Author | Speaker | Filmmaker | Coach
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Stressed out? Craving affection and better health?

What about enjoying life 100%?

This book is a guide to feel the energy of 20, 
have the body of 30 and the wisdom of 60  

Jump into a pool of pleasure and laughter by journeying into the secrets of Amazon healing plants, hammocks, bananas, bikinis, sensual charisma and everlasting vitality.

Unlock body and mind through natural health secrets, shift your mindset into humor and creativity, explore the rich biodiversity, adventure into the relaxing Brazilian lifestyle and boost your energy and joy with rituals, recipes, meditation and guidance.

Rachel Hunter's Tour of Beauty

Anna Penido appeared on Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty, broadcast on Ovation TV.

Rachel Hunter's tour of Beauty

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What others think

"In her extraordinary book, Anna shares her amazing knowledge of the body, of health, vitality, nutrition and attitude. Anna is a blessing in my life."
Lina Shanklin, Transformative Coach
"Anna has this amazing wisdom, she's connected to a source, she's always happy...  ...so get this book and be happy!"
Zulema Hormaeche, Tarot Reader

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